Together We Protect

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Together We Care

All members of our zoological family have an individual health and welfare plan in place, taking into account our preventive medicine approach. Discover the importance of training to assess our animals health and welfare.

Our mission

The priority of the entire Zoomarine team is to guarantee the well-being and health of our zoological family and, therefore, the joint work of several teams is necessary.

The dentist comes to the Zoo

In this episode, you can follow Cartuche’s dental treatment – a 27-year-old Californian Sea Lion, who due to his advanced age needs extra attention to his oral hygiene.

A flight in the right direction

Being able to assess the weight, eyes and feet of the birds in our zoological family on a regular basis is essential to ensure their welfare. Training allows these health assessments to be carried out in a relaxed and voluntary way for the animals.

“Fin-footed” Family

The curious name “pinniped” means fin-footed and name of the superfamily of aquatic mammals, that includes seals and sea lions. Discover some curiosities and specific care that we have with these members of our family.


Did you know that insects are very important animals for the environment?

Let’s find out why!

Zoomarine Family

Meet the most charismatic members of the Zoomarine family and discover all their peculiarities!

Environmental Enrichment

Our animals are our family. Their routine, diet, health care, exercise, environmental enrichment and social relationships are all important factors for their well-being.

In this series of episodes we present some of the environmental enrichment activities designed by our specialized technicians for each individual, taking into account the species’ natural behaviours, and each element’s characteristics in particular.

"Oceanus" Aquarium

Like us, animals also need constant stimulation and variations in their routine. Today we show you how different ways of presenting food can be enriching for the inhabitants of our aquarium.

Seals and Sea Lions

Quiling, Anubis and André enjoy a snack, each in their own way. Providing options for interacting with different types of food is one of the many ways to enrich our animals’ daily lives.

Environmental Sustainability

Since it’s foundation, Zoomarine has been raising awareness among the community and its visitors to the adoption of environment friendly practices. Environment protection is part of our mission of raising awareness and actively participate in the conservation and preservation of ocean life, its species, and habitats.

Several measures and projects are implemented at the park, to reduce the environmental impact of the park’s operations. These include the digitization of services, adopting water and energy-saving measures, continuous improvements in waste management, the use of organic and biodegradable solutions, and replacing single-use plastics in restaurant areas with biodegradable alternatives.

2,550 photovoltaic modules

2’550 more photovoltaic modules were installed at Zoomarine. Such investment plays an important role in the ongoing evolution towards a more sustainable park, keeping at heart Zoomarine’s core values of conservation and protection of the environment and it’s species.

100% electric Zoomarine vehicles

Did you know several of Zoomarine’s cars are already 100% electric? With reduced noise and CO2 emissions, these cars are one of several projects and investments of the park in it’s mission of environmental sustainability, and one more step in our path to carbon neutrality.

Water is life

It’s known that the Algarve is facing yet another water shortage crisis, but did you know that around 90% of the water at Zoomarine theme park doesn’t come from the public water supply? Discover Zoomarine’s innovative and pioneering strategies for promoting sustainable water resources in the video.

Zoomarine Live

Live broadcasts where we address different topics with visits to our backstage and where we were talking to trainers, veterinarians, biologists, and much more.

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Zoomarine aLive

Live talks with our veterinarians, animal welfare technicians, educators, aquarists and many other people who work daily with our animals. Unravel some mysteries about our zoological family.

Live from backstage

Because our duty is to protect, educate and share special moments, we broadcast the virtual tours live on Facebook, where you will have the opportunity to get to know some of the many special spaces in our park even closer.

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Lives... Commemorative Dates

On very special dates that are strongly alligned with Zoomarine’s mission and values, we explored different zoological areas and broadcasted, live, the importance of protecting our planet and the species that live on it.

And more...

Zoomarine Quiz is ON!

Do our visitors know Zoomarine well? And the importance that the oceans have for life on our planet?
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At Home with Zoomarine

Developed at a time of the pandemic when we were sheltering in our homes, this series showed that Zoomarine never “closed” our doors to you.


In the summer of 2020, the visit to Zoomarine took place without queues or waiting lines, but with plenty of space available during the presentations and with all the necessary security measures… with the usual EMOTION, CARE and MAGIC.