Together We Protect – Zoomarine

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Our Mission

To promote knowledge, preservation and environmental education in a fun and passionate manner. To transport adults and children to a world of dream and fantasy, by creating unique emotions and moments that touch heart and awaken minds.

To provide unique experiences, to bring people closer to nature and awaken their passion for learning. To make today’s young people the knowledgeable adults of tomorrow.

To transport adults and children to a world of adventure and fantasy. To make them smile, dream and to stimulate their emotions.

To understand, raise awareness and play an active role in the conservation and preservation of marine life, their species and inhabitats.

To investigate, get to know and share the secrets of marine life. To promote knowledge, integrating and collaborating with scientific, national and international communities.

To create bonds and strengthen roots with our community, giving individuals their worth and actively contributing to social and economic development.