Together We Protect

July 12th, 2023

A research plan focused on the zoological collection has been in place since Zoomarine foundation in 1991, and true to the nature of any progressive zoo, evolution is part of our business (both biologically and operatively).

These days, no one can imagine a zoo or aquarium without considering the social impact it has in such an increasingly environmentally focused world.

And this is good. But to do this properly, we need also to look carefully at people and not just at the animals.

Recently, Zoomarine has made a concerted effort to implement an institutional research strategy focused also on social sciences.

On the special EAZA research issue of Zooquaria 118, we invite you to take a deep dive into the research mission of zoos and aquariums and to know more about Zoomarine Algarve scientific researches and worldwide contributions.

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Because “Together We Protect”.