Together We Protect

November 15th, 2023

Last Tuesday, November 14th, the ocean breeze witnessed the homecoming of Ulisses and Umiko, the two sea turtles rescued by the team at Porto d’Abrigo of Zoomarine, with the support of AIMM (Associação para a Investigação do Meio Marinho).

Aboard the NRP Dragão of the Portuguese Navy, with a clear sky and calm waters, the two sea turtles returned to the salty cuddle of the Atlantic Ocean, where they can continue to play their crucial ecological roles.

The return of Ulisses and Umiko took place approximately 10 nautical miles from Faro, through a wonderful collaboration between the Portuguese Navy and the National Maritime Authority, marking the end of an inspiring chapter.

For about 3 months, both loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta), were under the care of the Porto d’Abrigo’s rehabilitation team, who gave a fond farewell to Ulisses and Umiko. This journey of recovery became an inspiring symbol of resilience, composed not only of farewells but also a call for cooperation and ongoing action for the conservation of oceans and marine life.

Because “Together We Protect”.