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Small but cute sea lion

It was born a few days ago and has almost doubled in weight… Although it doesn’t have a name yet, it is already delighting those who know it… And for the agility and friendliness demonstrated, it will soon be one of the biggest stars of Zoomarine. Meanwhile, the new Californian sea lion pup already shows a captivating energy and promises not to leave indifferent those who visit Zoomarine these days.

Daughter of “Mia”, a female Californian sea lion born six years ago in a German zoo, Zoomarine’s latest baby was born a few minutes after midnight on June 11th. On the other hand, the father, Pancho, is from the Algarve by birth and is 14 years old. The primiparous mother proved to be great in parental care, so we anticipate that, within 11 months, the new pup will have its first (half-)brother, as this species, Zalophus californianus, tends to have one offspring every year [in an annual reproductive cycle that includes a 9-month gestation, preceded by a 3-month period of delayed implantation, termed ’embryonic diapause’].

Since the pup still has no name, Zoomarine’s friends and followers will be able to participate in the process of picking a name, through social media.

Although still small [about 10 kilograms] and naturally fragile, this beautiful pup still does not participate in any presentation – but those who visit Zoomarine in July or August can already witness the joy of this constant renewal of life, and the hope for a brighter future, especially in a pandemic year.

Congratulations, Mia! And thank you – because in the year that Zoomarine celebrates its 30th anniversary, this is one of the most beautiful and symbolic gifts we could receive.

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