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Update: Salina will soon be returned to the wild

Salina, the common sea turtle (Caretta-caretta) that has been undergoing rehabilitation at Zoomarine’s Porto d’Abrigo since June 6, 2021 had been found entangled in fishing gear in the Guadiana River. The sea turtle is now out of danger and has been progressing well through all stages of its rehabilitation process. Thus, approaching a favorable scenario for its return to the wild.

The fish hook that had been detected upon arrival at the rehabilitation center has been monitored through medical examinations (x-ray and endoscopy) and since it is encapsulated in the stomach wall, it does not represent imminent danger. The safest scenario is returning Salina to the sea with the encapsulated hook, instead of undergoing surgery for its removal. Over time, and with the help of gastric juices, it will eventually dissolve. All other health situations are resolved.

Its return is already being prepared: identification rings have already been placed, important for it’s identification if it ever needs human care again; a transmitter is being built, especially for Salina, that will send geographic data to monitor the location and routes of the turtle when it is returned to the ocean. On the other hand, the Porto d’Abrigo team continues to ensure the sea turtle’s natural behaviors, such as exploring and hunting for food, being aware of its surroundings, reducing human contact to the minimum necessary, in order to ensure that Salina has all the conditions for survival in its natural environment.

Each individual returned to the sea is a step forward for the survival of their species.

This month we are celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8th. With the beginning of another beach season, remember: Leave nothing behind, except your footprints in the sand!

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