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International Shark Awareness Day 2022

There are about 500 species of sharks and contrary to popular belief, most of them are smaller than a person!

These animals inhabit planet Earth for more than 400 million years, long before dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, their populations have suffered over the last few years: excessive fishing, the use of their meat and fins, the movie culture that characterizes them as dangerous animals, as well as their late sexual maturity and reduced number of offspring, have resulted in the decline of shark populations. Most of which are now threatened!

The International Shark Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of how important these top predators are for the health of the Oceans, taking into account that the reduction of their populations has serious effects on the environment.

Sharks are imposing and majestic animals, and they need us more than ever!

Respecting them and their habitats: keep the oceans and beaches clean, and refuse products that contain shark components.

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