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Fish hook and plastic surgically removed from Gray Seal in rehabilitation at Zoomarine. It has received a Celtic name!

A multidisciplinary team joined forces to ensure the safe removal of foreign bodies previously identified in the gray seal under rehabilitation at Zoomarine’s Porto De Abrigo. Our rehabilitation and veterinarian teams also counted on the expertise of Dr. José Sampayo, a veterinarian from Spain, specialist in endoscopy.
During a minimally invasive procedure that lasted just over 1 hour, 2 pieces of an already fragmented hook, several fishing wires and small pieces of plastic were removed. These objects could cause internal injuries or infections that would be extremely complex to resolve at a later stage, so the team’s decision to perform this procedure ensured that the seal now has a clear digestive tract and is free from this imminent danger. Our reabilitation team is, thus, able to concentrate in the other areas of it’s recovery.
The surgery went without complications, but it was possible to identify the presence of parasites and mites (normal situations in wild animals) in addition to it’s other clinical situations.
Dearly named Selkie, which in Celtic mythology represents a shape-shifting being, from seal to human, this adult female shows the strength needed for the long recovery that still awaits her, with all of us rooting for her to safely return to the cold waters of the North Atlantic, its natural habitat.
Yet another reminder of the residue problem, namely the fishing gear and plastics that end up in the oceans. By reducing your plastic consumption, you reduce the waste that ends up in the sea, and you can help prevent situations like this, like Selkie’s, to other wild animals.

ℹ️ Warning: you must never put yourself or third parties at risk! If you see an animal that at first sight appears to be weakened, remember that these are wild specimens that, being frightened, can react aggressively to defend themselves.

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