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Butterfly Garden: The Algarve’s first butterfly habitat

Butterfly Garden is the first butterfly habitat in the Algarve. In a tropical environment, with high levels of humidity and temperature, we can find about 400 butterflies of 20 different species, with the most varied colours and sizes.

It is also possible to observe a huge variety of plant species, which are essential for these insects. Butterflies lay their eggs on specific plants, which will later serve as food for the caterpillars.

There is a great diversity of diurnal and nocturnal species. The diurnal butterflies are more active during the day, and are usually more colorful. When resting, they close their wings vertically to their body. Nocturnal butterflies (also known as moths) are more active at night, usually have faded colours and, when resting, they close their wings laterally to their body.

Butterflies, like other insects, are very important in the pollination process, as they fly from plant to plant, they carry small pollen grains in their bodies transfering them to other flowers. Therefore, butterflies are vital to the balance of ecosystems and in increasing biodiversity.

Butterflies are very sensitive insects and, in some places, there is a strong decline in populations.

Zoomarine seeks to raise awareness among our visitors to the importance of these species, presenting the curiosities and beauty of these animals during the visit to the magical Butterfly Garden habitat.

Find out more about our butterfly garden in the following video:

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