Together We Protect

June, 28th 2023

The role of progressive zoos is not limited to their inhabitants. The mission of modern zoos is not limited to conservation programmes (in situ and ex situ), science and education for sustainability… And the emotions of our zoological teams do not end with those whose welfare we assume, internally, as a daily commitment. And for this very reason, Zoomarine is once again sending a financial contribution to help the Zoos of Ukraine.

In view of the mission and philosophy of our entities, and after an initial donation of 7’500 euros (via EAAM – European Association for Aquatic Mammals), Zoomarine is once again sending a donation of 2’000 euros (via EAZA – European Association of Zoos and Aquariums), in favour of the defence of zoological specimens that it has not yet been possible to support or rescue from the territories affected by the war in Ukraine.

Summer has just begun, but we are confident that by the end of the season, other community aid can be sent. Until then, we invite everyone who can and wants to help, to make a donation (however “small” it may seem) to this urgent and delicate cause.

Unfortunately, for now, we are unable to take in the suffering specimens – but the pain, anguish and challenges of our Ukrainian partners (human and non-human) are not forgotten. And while our repeated assistance cannot resolve the conflict, it will at least help alleviate some of the suffering of many innocents – because humanity does not end when the news ends, and because the needs of the innocent cannot be forgotten just because summer begins and holidays start. And because, even in these cases, because “Together We Protect”