Together We Protect – Zoomarine

Institutional Collaborations

Recognizing the value of many research institutions (e.g. universities), Zoomarine established partnerships with several of them, in order to contribute to the training of new professionals and to promote the search for knowledge.

Cooperation Protocols

Portuguese Institute of Malacology
The Portuguese Institute of Malacology (IPM) is a non-profit scientific association, founded in 1986. Its main objectives are to promote scientific research in Malacology (branch of zoology devoted to the study of molluscs), the information exchange between scientists, centralization and dissemination of information on Malacology, and the organization of scientific activities related to this branch.

Zoomarine and IPM established in 2001 a memorandum of understanding, which established, among other things, that this research group is based in our park.

Portuguese Institutions
With the objective of collaborating in the training of new professionals and to promote the search and sharing of knowledge, Zoomarine has established cooperation agreements with various Portuguese institutions that promote research.

Currently, reserach projects are being carried out with some of these institutions, namely:

Zoomarine also colaborates with other institutions such as::

Other “ex situ” Projects

In addition to the rehabilitation of wild specimens, Zoomarine seeks to collaborate actively with other partners, in the protection of the environment, species and their habitats, through projects and indirect interventions that are effective.

These projects include the participation in associations such as Sea Alarm Foundation and by promoting technical and scientific meetings on the oil spill problem: