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Within this family, there are 19 different species, differing a lot in size and weight. For example, the small Baikal Seal may weigh between 110 and 260 pounds and the huge Elephant Seal can reach weights over 7700 pounds.

True seals don’t have ear flaps. You can only see a small ear hole on each side of the head. Their pectoral flippers are small and, on land, they move somewhat awkwardly, dragging over their bellies. In the water, and to swim faster, seals use their hind flippers with a movement that resembles a fish.

Today, the most threatened species is the Monk Seal, that can be found in Portugal (Madeira Island). Once widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean, only abound 600 to 700 individuals live in nature.

At Zoomarine you can get to know the Harbour Seal and the Grey Seal.

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