Together We Protect

All true seals, sea lions and walruses belong to a group called pinnipeds. This word means “flipper-footed” and it refers to their four limbs modified into flippers. 

These species are fully adapted to live in the marine environment, but are also able to come ashore for long periods of time, especially during the breeding season or when nursing their young. 

Belonging to the marine mammal group, they drink milk after birth and have fur covering their bodies, like (almost) all mammals do (know more about this here). These species also have a thick layer of blubber beneath the skin that protects them from cold waters, contributes to a more hydrodynamic body, thus increasing speed, and is also useful as an energy reserve for periods of reduced food availability.

In some species, the difference between males and females is highly evident. Males can easily weigh 3 times more than females!

They are carnivorous and opportunistic species, hunting the food that is available at the time.

Pinnipeds are very vocal and emit a series of sounds that can de used for recognition between female and calf. Between adults, sounds can also be used as a warning alert or in the breeding season.

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Many of the pinniped species are currently threatened with extinction. Factors related to human activity such as pollution, habitat destruction, hunting or accidental fishing have had a major impact on some populations.

How can you help?

Changing some simple behaviors in our daily lives and supporting some conservation projects.