Scientific Meetings

Technical and scientific meetings are privileged occasions for sharing knowledge, and therefore Zoomarine has promoted and organized many, in all areas of its action.

   ► IMATA 2018 – Internacional Marine Animal Trainers' Association Anual Conference – (Zoomarine, October 2018)

   ► AMMPA (Aliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums) Annual Educators' Meeting  2017 – (Zoomarine, October 2017)

   ► RIOS – Reducing the Impact of Oil spills – (Zoomarine, April 2008)

   ► Educators Group and Veterinarians Group Annual Meetings - AIZA – Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquaria  (Zoomarine, February 2008)

   ► European Workshop on Best Practices for Oiled Wildlife Cleaning and Rehabilitation – (Zoomarine, October 2006);

   ► Workshop on Production in Seaweeds Purifying Effluents from Marine Animal Farms (Algarve University and Zoomarine, November 2003);

   ► 33rd Annual Conference of The IAAAM (Montechoro, May 2002);

   ► 1st AIZA Work meeting - Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquaria (Zoomarine, June 2001)

   ► 1st Symposium on Pathology and Rehabilitation of Marine Mammals (Zoomarine, March 2001)

   ► 1st Educational Workshop (Zoomarine, March 2000)

   ► 27th Annual Symposium of IMATA (Montechoro, October1998)

   ► 4th Biological Sonar Conference (Carvoeiro, May 1998)

   ► 5th Marine Mammal Medical Workshop (Zoomarine and Montechoro, March 1996)

   ► 24th Symposium of the EAAM – European Association for Aquatic Mammals (Montechoro, March 1996)