The Activity

When logistical and human resources availability allow it, Porto d'Abrigo do Zoomarine (Pd'AZ) provides direct support to assistance requests to live stranded marine animals. Initially, and through telephone, first aid recommendations are given
to those who give the alert. Then, and if considered appropriate, a team is sent to the site, to assess the situation and provide the necessary care.
If considered necessary, the stranded specimen is transported to the Pd'AZ for a comprehensive behavioural and clinical evaluation, with the objective of rehabilitation and future release into the wild.
During this rehabilitation, specimens are subject of continuous monitoring by Pd'AZ and Veterinarian Services professionals,
in respect of their blood values, weight variation, diet, and behavior.
Release into the wild
After confirmation that clinical, nutritional and/or behavioral rehabilitation has been completed, and that the specimen
meets the required conditions for survival in the wild,  Pd'AZ initiates the release process. Whenever possible and appropriate, the release occurs the closest to the area where the specimen was rescued, and within its species distribution area.
Dead strandings support
When logistical and human resources allow it, Zoomarine professionals give support to situations of dead marine mammal
and sea turtle strandings, by collecting information which may contribute to the knowledge on the species.