With a broad universe of visitors, Zoomarine has available, on a daily basis, a group of educational activities specially idealized to help learn and understand the exciting natural world.
There are several available programmes aimed for organized groups (school or other) and for the daily visitor. A visit to Zoomarine is always an excellent opportunity to learn in an informal but pedagogical way.


'Droplets of Nature'
This program is based on a mobile structure with different biological objects, that will interest even the absent minded. The aim is to share with the visitor some biological, conservation and ecological facts in a fun and light way. This is an informal educational session but with a strong pedagogical impact destined to all ages.
'Meet the Educator'
On a daily basis, a member of the Educational Department is present in the areas of the different zoological groups (Birds of prey, Pinnipeds, Crocodiles and Alligators, Aquarium and Rehabilitation Center) at pre-established schedules.
An invitation to ask those puzzling questions and to learn some of Nature's mysteries and species within.
"Discover the Aquarium"
Discover who really glows in the dark or which animal changes gender throughout their lives.Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about our aquarium in a fun and family-based approach.
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"Ray Feeding Session"
Have you ever felt the smooth texture of a ray or wondered why they have such curious shapes? Meet, learn and, last but not least, feed our eagle rays in a truly fun experience aimed for all family members. Yes, even the young ones will be dazzled by these gentle shark relatives.
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'Zoomarine's Guardians'

Summer Camp Programme - A week full of unique experiences, in a different and special summer camp. An extraordinary opportunity to learn more about the Ocean's inhabitants... and much more.


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