EduCar Project


The EDUCar project was born as a Zoomarine's 25th aniversary celebration, aiming to become the largest itinerant Environmental Education project in the Algarve.
The concept is straighforward: an important message and a means to get to different places. This way, schools whom do not have the chance to visit Zoomarine, can also enjoy a little bit of the park's magic and its education mission.
Over approximately five months, Zoomarine's educators will travel about 10'000 km across the regions of Algarve and Baixo Alentejo.
Completely free for all, we aim to take our conservation message to about 200 schools in those regions. Furthermore, we also want to leave the school premises and give families the opportunity to get involved with our conservation message.
All education at Zoomarine is thought differently than some of us are used to. We base our actions on markedly informal approaches, where there is no place for judgment and there are no misfit questions.
The presence of plenty animal and plant species different to those of our daily experience allow our visitors look at the nature from an integrated science-based perspective.
But our presence is not limited to the inspiring message above mentioned. Because environmental education does not happen without synergies, our activities focus in some of the official school curriculum contents of the 3rd and 4th grades, as well as the 5th ,7th and 8th grades.
And, even though we cannot reach every school within the regions of the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo, the success of this project will nudge us to a wider range of schools in the next years.
Our most sincere thank you to all schools whom already have showed interest and have already welcomed us with open arms and loads of enthusiasm.
From today until May, many more kilometers will be traveled!


For more informations, please contact:,
Educational Department of Zoomarine
EN 125 - KM 65
8201-864 Guia, Albufeira
Tel: (+351) 289 560 300/1
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