Support of "In Situ" Projects

Acknowledging the laudable work of many organizations in devoleping and implementing effective and protective in situ measures for species and habitats, Zoomarine seeks to support some of these organizations, thus contributing to the continuity of such projects.

The group of psidacides, is one of the most threatened bird groups. Zoomarine, through is presentation of tropical birds and its educational programs, promotes the values of World Parrot Trust by divulging the excellent work of this organization on protecting birds in their natural habitats.
Additionally, we sell the organizations merchandising items in which part of the earnings contribute to support their activities.    
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Sharks, marine mammals and marine turtles are a few examples of marine fauna that are threatened. Zoomarine, recognizes the need to raise awareness among the population and therefore shares the values of the Marine Megafauna Foundation by disseminating its important message, through educational activities carried out in our aquarium. 
Additionally, we sell the foundations merchandising items and provide guided tours through the park and the aquarium, of which part of the earnings revert towards the association.